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I was proud to be part of the story sharing with the DYSTINCT Magazine
When we lead with empathy, we can then have a calmer environment, that will have a stronger, more creative, and inclusive workplace.
The people that inspire me were my Nana Hawkins (also an artist), and my warm funny loving Mother
My famous Dyslexic superheroes are Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg, and Keanu Reeves 
And the person that started my inspiring idea to study Design while reading a Collective Hub Magazine was Lisa Messenger, thank you 

Hello, Darwin Street Art Festival Work behind our family member Jerry

Fashion shot collaboration by Lu Lu & Daw Fashion in Darwin 

Artwork seen in the Traveller Magazine 

Artwork seen in the Traveller Magazine, issue Parents Guide 2021

Mural work contracted for Casuarina Square, Work inspired by Darwin wildlife & my Mother 

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